A Letter from the Chairman

As many of you know there was a special congregational meeting this past Sunday, April 15th to discuss and vote on the funding and future building of a permanent structure for our South Campus at our Yankee Hill Road property. Following opening statements of support from Pastor Schnake and introductions from Nancey Bernhardson, Chair of the South Building Committee, Pastor Scheich gave an overview on the state of the current ministry at Room211 South, a visual tour of the proposed Master plan and first phase structure, and the financial challenges and plans associated with that. The meeting was then opened up to questions and discussions. The majority of the questions asked, however, did not focus on the South project but on the bigger picture of the vision of Christ Lutheran Church moving forward. As staff and lay leadership, our intent and vision is to remain a unified church with a vision of reaching out to the city of Lincoln and “Growing, so none are turned away.” We realize whole heartedly there are needs to be met for our entire church. There are glaring needs at our Central Campus that are well known. However, based on extensive work done by prior building committees and other staff members these are difficult questions with difficult solutions that have become more challenging to process as we further investigate our options. The unfortunate answer for many of those questions for what is next at our central campus is we do not know yet, but are aware and working towards solutions. Mark Fahleson, a long-time member of Christ, introduced his role as Chairman of the Central Building Committee.

Our South campus, on the other hand, has a clear vision for what the next step is. That step is a permanent home at 70th and Yankee Hill road. After a lot of behind the scenes work by prior building committees and the South Building Committee the answers for this vision have taken shape. This is an expensive project which we have worked hard to ensure does not put Christ Lutheran Church in a financially challenged state. We will work hard to limit anything which could limit our work in the near future in other areas of ministry. With all of those thoughts in mind, our recommendation and motion to the congregation was to give the Lay Leadership Board authorization to obtain construction and permanent loans not to exceed $4.2 million dollars to build and outfit the South campus for ministry once a minimum goal of $1.5 Million dollars in firm commitments is met through our Build for Christ-South appeal. A ballot vote was taken and this motion passed 223 “Yes”, 41 “No”, and 3 Absentation/no votes. This vote shows an encouraging support for continuing our vision at Christ Lutheran Church to Grow and reach those who do not yet know our Lord and Savior!

We will be presenting the Case For South during the next two weeks in worship. We will have opportunity to give on line at this time, and be asking people to pray about making a Commitment to Build for Christ – South. Beginning in May we will have Commitment Cards available in each worship service. If it is on your heart to support and bless this project financially you will have the opportunity to do so. In fact, if you do not want to wait until Sunday there is ability to support this appeal online. We also want to be open and honest that there will be a need to support whatever decisions are made financially at our Central Campus in the near future. If that project is on your heart we ask that you pray for our leadership, including Mark Fahleson, the Chair of the Central building committee, in the direction that project may go.

Thank you all for your support for Christ Lutheran Church. We all feel blessed with the Church family that God has brought around us and will continue to seek His will in the coming months on how we can better “grow” both those people already a part of Christ as well as those not yet within our doors. Feel free to contact myself now or in the future if you have further questions or concerns.

Blessings to you all,

Torin Berge

Lay Leadership Board Chair 2018