+ What about using the Crawford house?

Yes, we have considered using the Crawford house for many things. Discussions are happening as to how this area can best bless the ministries of Christ.

+ Can there be a cut out on Sumner?

No, due to bus routes that would be an issue.

+ Can we add a truck drop off on 44th Street?

We are studying possible scenerios for a central truck drop-off.

+ In maintaining access to the north, how many feet will the drive move?

120 ft.

+ Do we have enough ADA accessible parking spots?

Yes, those spots are required by code and exceed the minimum.

+ What about using stacked parking?

The cost of a stacked parking structure prohibits its consideration on our site.

+ Can we move 43rd Street storm sewer?

Yes, this can be done.

+ Are we considering drainage issues?

Absolutely! Our improvements will include upgrades to all of our systems.

+ Are you considering using rainwater to water landscaping?

Yes, we will consider using all of our available resources.

+ Have you considered solar as an alternative?

Yes, we have considered the cost difference with solar options.

+ Will there be shade in proposed courtyard area?

Yes, we want this to be a very usable space for as much of the year as possible.

+ Will there be a covered ramp into the building?

Yes, we heard your feedback and have added it to the design.

+ How big will the kids playground area be?

Licensing regulations determine the minimum size of any playground space. It has been the practice of Christ Lincoln Schools to exceed the minimum requirements.

+ Where will the music room be?

No specific room assignments have been made at this level of planning.

+ What will be updated in the SMC?

We know that a number of issues need addressing in the SMC. We've heard you! Facilities management has compiled a list of needed maintenance and improvement for that space.

+ Will service elevators be considered to help kitchens serve other areas?

Yes, we understand the need for this convenience.

+ Is there enough funeral luncheon space?

The funeral luncheon space has been discussed and there are options to add a warming kitchen in the Upper Room if cost is not prohibitive.

+ Can there be a baptismal font in the new Chapel?

Yes, that is something that can be added!

+ Will there be Family Restrooms on the Main & Lower Levels?

Yes, we know that this is an important aspect of how we serve as a welcoming and accesible space.


+ Will you be using bulletproof glass in Founder's Pavillion?

Dennis discussed using thicker glass, will discuss bulletproof cost options

+ Will there be street access from Sumner?

We will consider allowing access during school dropoff/pickup times.

+ Why will there only be 2 entrance points?

Due to security & safety reasons, keeping access points to a minimum is crucial to keep safety a priority. We will consider using other entrances for different events.

+ Can the school/3rd floor elevators be secured during school hours?

Yes we will be able to keep the school/3rd floor secured during school hours.


+ Will this build effect school tuition?

No, we do not see any reason this would effect tuition.

+ What is the debt to current budget ratio now and after the project?

At this time, we don’t have any numbers to answer as we don’t have final costs or donations to factor in but will keep all informed.

+ Can we use the property by the portable for parking?

If we can find suitable housing for the Cash Family, we could use their current property for additional parking.

+ How will project build effect ongoing ministries?

Program improvements will be made concurrently with our ongoing ministries. We aim to time pieces of the project in such a way as to allow for minimal disruption.

+ Have we looked at annual operating budgets, new programs, what's the vision?

Our staff consistently has underspent the annual budget and 2018 was no exception. However projections of +6% increase in general fund for 2017 contributions fell short at a +1% level. Given the tax law changes, we realize future general fund budgets need to take into account for new Giving patterns especially with additional building fund commitments and contributions for both campuses.

+ What is cost per area?

Building costs average for square foot is $200 for a build remodel of this size for 2018.

+ What is the need of space by mapping day/time/usage?

One of the first orders of business for the feasibility study is to see how our spaces were utilized. A copy of the report that we received is available if you would like to see it. Please request that information through the contact form.


+ Isn't the South Build able to take care of the growth concerns?

South Campus will open with child care but not a school. We anticipate that the child care will be full shortly after opening.

+ What is the timeline for construction/remodel?

We anticipate a 15-18 month construction remodel.

+ What would be the timeframe for building onto the west?

The west addition timeframe is likely to take 9-12 months to complete.

+ What is the timeline for the construction/remodel?

We are looking at a 15-18 month construction period.


+ What about the Sanctuary? Does the plan include improvements in that space too?

Yes! Our Sanctuary Improvement Forum has suggested many improvements. They include:

  • New flooring, paint, and clerestory windows
  • Refinishing pews
  • Improved accessibility to meet ADA compliance requirements
  • Upgrade lighting
  • Balcony improvements and accessibility


+ Are we updating plumbing?

Yes, with the construction and remodel we will be updating a number of areas including the plumbing.

+ What is the current growth of the school and childcare?

The school currently has 130 students, the construction/remodel will accommodate 225 students. The childcare is currently at 160.

+ How many parking spaces will we gain?

Our aim is to increase parking to meet the needs presented by adding additonal seats in worship should that be part of the final design.

+ How will we handle parking during construction?

We will manage all the inconveniences of the build with as much consideration as possible.