Participate 4 Growth is still an important part of our growth funding. The funds are being used for three pieces of the overall project.

  • The South campus land purchase

  • 50/50 split for pre-construction costs (grading, infrastructure, and architectural/engineering) at South and Central

  • Administrative costs

Personal Growth Plan

Have you found ways to grow spiritually through Christ Lincoln? Do you have a system or plan in place for your tithes and offerings? How can you help Christ Lincoln effectively reach people with the Gospel? Do you have a will, or do you have a "last will and testament?"

Answers and suggestions for these questions and more are available in the Personal Growth Plan Guide. This booklet will walk you through the 4 areas and find ways to challenge yourself to grow 4 Christ, 4 All, 4 Now, 4 Ever.

Prayerfully consider how God has blessed you to be a blessing in your family, at Lincoln, in our community and in His world. Use your responses from the guide to complete your own Personal Growth Plan.