The Case

christ lincoln: 70 years in the making

In October of 1949, Christ Lutheran Church began its impact in Lincoln, NE. Over the next 70 years, Christ would grow from a congregation of 8 to nearly 2,000 weekly attenders. Through campus and staff expansion, and by the grace of God, we’ve been at the center of faith development to the tens of thousands who have grown with us in central Lincoln. We’ve had a lifetime of growth in the center of Lincoln, and we’re just getting started.


Christ’s Central Campus has been the center of it all:

Center for Unity

Center for Growth

Center for Influence


What would it mean to build with the NEXT 70 years in mind?

Christ remains at the center. As the neighborhood around Central Campus experiences renewal through an influx of young families, we have the unique opportunity to continue witnessing to the next generations coming to Christ for faith growth and community. Families from all around Lincoln are drawn here. Together, we can create space to grow in His Word, and serve as the center of family life.


Key components of the design to accomplish that connection:

Ministry Specific Needs:

  • New Chapel for smaller funerals, weddings, and baptisms

  • Replace the portable classrooms

  • Expand Christ Lincoln Schools Elementary and Child Care

  • Room to grow for Family Ministries

  • Increase seating in the West Ministry Center

  • Space for community outreach, community support, and missions

General Ministry Area Needs:

  • Flexible multi-purpose connecting spaces

  • Expand the Central Commons

  • Centralized church offices and administrative areas

  • Commercial kitchen spaces to serve the church, child care and school

General Facilities:

  • Improve security and accessibility

  • Upgrade HVAC systems

  • Address water, drainage, and sewer issues

What now?

This campus improvement project represents a commitment to the future with gratitude for God’s hand at work for the past 70 years. It positions Christ to continue to be the center of ministry for its campuses as God leads us into the next 70 years.

We have outgrown our space to the point of limiting our ability to be Christ to Lincoln. We have run out of room for Bible studies, staff, and support ministries. We have urgent safety concerns that need to be addressed. Maintenance issues are bandaging problems that simply cannot be rectified without this campus improvement.


the cost


Recommended debt financing estimate:

Gifts Received (Participate 4 Growth, Build for Christ Central):

Lead gifts secured:

Remaining needed to move ahead:

What’s your part?

Simply put, you have the opportunity to be a part of living our mission in the center of Lincoln. We need you to drive this project as we look to the next lifetime as Christ Lincoln–Central Campus. Would you join us in praying? Only God, moving in your heart, can let you know your part. How has God blessed you? How has God impacted your life through Christ Lincoln and its schools? What investment can you make as we look toward the next lifetime of our Central Campus?