The Case

Christ Lincoln

Jesus said that He came to seek and to save the lost, and at Christ Lincoln God has richly blessed us as we’ve walked in His footsteps, Growing So None Are Turned Away.

On Sunday mornings almost 2000 people gather at three ‘campuses’: Blended, 211 Central and 211 South. Our thriving Christ Lincoln Schools Elementary and Child Care now reach close to 300 students each day. 

South Campus Begins

In 2014 it became obvious that 211 had not only outgrown its original space, but it had now outgrown its space in the West Ministry Center of our Central Campus. People were being turned away. Growth had slowed. We looked to God for a plan. The decision was made to rent Lincoln Christian School on Sundays and send 174 missionaries to a South Campus of Christ Lincoln. It would be called “211 South”.

We then purchased land for our new South Campus — 10 acres near the northwest corner of 70th & Yankee Hill Road. We’ve begun to not only pay down the note on that land, but to start ‘banking’ monies for a new building on the property.


Meanwhile on Sundays our South Campus has grown from an average of 150 in worship to now 275 in worship.

The Need

Lincoln Public Schools’ two newest schools are within 1 mile of our property. In the 2018 school year, 900 students will attend those schools. In addition, Lincoln is poised to add over 950 homes to the already growing area in that southeast part of town. In addition to our Central Campus Child Care being full, good Christian Child Care is desperately needed in Southeast Lincoln.


Our New South Building

The building that is planned will hold 500 in one worship service and will allow us to have full-time Child Care for 100, plus both before & after-school Child Care as well as summer Child Care for Elementary students. It will likely not be the final building on our property, but it is a start, and will give us a full-time presence in this growing community.




After passing a congregational vote requiring $1.5 million dollars in commitments prior to obtaining financing, the South Building Campaign commenced. $1.85 million was committed to the campaign and construction began in August. Financing was secured in late November. In addition, through the Participate 4 Growth Appeal, we’ve raised $2.8 million in commitments toward this South project. This money will be given between 2016 and 2020.