The Process

Churches can get stuck in any phase of growth on their way to sustained health. They can also get stuck sliding down the other side of the life cycle, experiencing the pain of ineffectiveness and decline. The Unstuck Group works to equip churches to experience sustained growth. They lead us through four step process:

Assessment: An honest assessment of where we were with an outside perspective and some objective metrics are invaluable allies in getting a clear picture. 

Plan: making vision actionable, we can empower people to play their parts.

Structure: Making sure we have a well-rounded leadership team, in roles aligned to the strategy, creates a healthier ministry and the roles on the staff to implement strategy.

Action: Develop the tools, systems and rhythms to see the plan through. We’re in this stage now.

After the Unstuck process we have a clarity in our mission, organizational structure to implement strategy, and processes to continually assess and make adjustments to sustain our ministry. 

Mike Milbourn, Chief Operations Officer

Mike Milbourn, Chief Operations Officer