What We Learned 

The Unstuck process has offered great value to Christ Lincoln. It began with a secret shopper who experienced Sunday worship at the central site. The shopper looked for signage, worship options and style, how she was greeted and more. We learned a number of things including that we really have two churches at one site. Not to mention we have another congregation at a different site. We journeyed through some difficult learning.

We began to see more fully deep fissures that were created based upon three different churches operating in similar space. The team wasn't pulling together in the same direction but were slowly moving apart. This was a huge realization that allowed us to commit to 1 church multiple campuses. The assessment also led us to plan our moving forward as a unique Lutheran congregation.

We refreshed our mission and vision. It is built upon our almost 70 years of ministry in Lincoln. It is not new but arranged for all of us on staff and people in our congregation to celebrate and gear ministry towards, "Connecting People to Christ and Together Growing in His Word." The Unstuck process helped us focus this mission with a vision to impact our community to our fullest potential. We continue to evaluate the ministry that we have according to this statement.

We realized quickly that our staffing structure was sorely outdated. We were trying to operate as a little church instead of a megachurch in the Missouri-Synod. We see the need to continue to grow larger but smaller at the same time. We need operations to handle the size congregation we are but ministry to care in a small way throughout the large congregation. Small groups are a healthy part of this plan. Roles and responsibilities including accountability have been updated throughout our staff. The new staffing structure helps us implement our strategy much better. We rejected the thought that we should only offer one style of worship. We feel part of our strength is the multiple campuses yet one congregation. This makes ministry a little more difficult but we feel worth it.

We are currently in our action phase of the Unstuck process. We continue to develop tools to help support mission and ministry at Christ. We are working through job descriptions and policies to create more clarity for the congregation and staff. We are working on rhythms to help us plan through the week, seasons and year for the wonderful Kingdom work God has richly blessed this congregation with. We continue to align our staffing needs with congregational needs. We are working towards making our facilities handle the ministry in Lincoln even better for current needs and future growth.  Time is being spent to update and align the budget for greater clarity and transparency.  Please pray for us as we continue this helpful journey.